January 4, 2012

December Blog Recap

There were many updates to our blog in December. Here is our monthly recap: Ten Ways You Know You Need a New Approach to Test Management—Highlights some common ways for a team to identify when they have outgrown their current test case management system. Seapine ALM 2012 Betas Now Available—TestTrack, Surround SCM, and QA Wizard Pro betas are all open and available for you to try out! Some of the highlights of this release include calculated fields in  TestTrack, improved support for offline changes in Surround SCM, and Google Chrome support in QA Wizard Pro. Video: Simulating User Behavior with QA Wizard Pro Load Testing—Learn how to use a mix of scripts and web load testing options to emulate a variety of user types. Video: Using Server Metrics with QA Wizard Pro Load Testing—Learn how to use web server metrics with load testing to gain insight into user tasks that cause the most strain on your server. QA Wizard Pro: Running Successive Scripts Successfully—To ensure that scripts run successfully, it is important that they are run in a clean environment. Adding a Windows taskkill command to the beginning of each script makes sure that any running application processes are killed. Introducing Calculated Fields in TestTrack—TestTrack 2012 now includes calculated fields, which can be used to calculate key metrics, manage risks, and consolidate values for simpler reporting. Get more from the TestTrack Agile Task Board—The TestTrack Agile Task Board allows teams to conveniently access project information through a web browser or mobile device. Learn more about the task board and some different ways you can use it.