December 21, 2012

Eclipse Day 2012 @ Googleplex


eclipse logoIt's hard to believe that another year has come and gone. There are many annual events I look forward to as a Perforce employee. One event I especially enjoy every year is Eclipse Day. Like last year, Eclipse Day 2012 at Googleplex was a fun-filled day packed with great talks.

The day started off with Mik Kersten's keynote on The Future of ALM: Developing in the Social Graph. An interesting thing to note from this talk was the fact that the modern car contains 100 million lines of code. From zero lines of code to 100 million -- reinforcing the notion that "sofware is eating the world." Another interesting fact that was stated at some point during the day is that Asia has now surpassed both the U.S. and Europe combined for Eclipse downloads.

The day ended with drinks and appetizers, which gave attendees the opportunity to network and socialize. It was during this time when someone asked me what it was like to test our plug-in when a new Eclipse version came out. I mentioned that we not only integrated into the Java IDE portion but also other plug-ins such as BIRT, Mylyn and CDT. Therefore when a new Eclipse version came out, I also had to pay attention to changes in these other areas. This reminded me how important it is to attend events like this and stay updated on the third-party products we integrate with. Year after year, I am grateful to work for a company that values that too.