May 17, 2010

Explore Agile Practices with Seapine

We're heading out on an Agile expedition in June! Over the next several months, we'll be exploring a variety of Agile topics with best practices discussion and in-depth details on how our ALM tools support Agile teams. This is a web-based learning series that takes you from starting a backlog and running your first sprint all the way through releasing your product.

Join The Agile Expedition!

We'll cover a new topic every other week, beginning with the 'Start Your Agile Journey with TestTrack' webinar on June 2. From there, we head out for a deeper exploration of how you can empower development, quality assurance, and product owners using Agile methodologies and an integrated toolset. Not sure you can handle the full expedition yet? Register for the webinar now and hop on the expedition afterwards. Note: If you join the expedition, you're automatically signed up for the webinar so no need to register for both.