March 1, 2011

February 2011 Blog Recap

There were many updates to the blog in February. Here is our monthly recap: Emphasizing Accountability at the Requirement Level - Explains how you can break down data into smaller requirements with an integrated requirements management solution, allowing you to assign an “owner” to each requirement. Using Filters in TestTrack - This video shows you how to create a basic filter in TestTrack and covers the fields required during the creation of a filter. Traceability Enables Closer Collaboration with Customers - Traceability is about connecting related development and testing artifacts, enabling targeted and timely communication across the team as change happens. Webinar Recording: A Software Manager's Guide to Defining Testing in an Agile Age -  This webinar discusses the drastically changing role of testers in most Agile methodologies. When Do You Ship? - There are a number of considerations that you take into account when deciding when to ship an application—is the coding complete, is the quality there, and is the business ready? What Managers Should Know About Testing in Agile Projects, Part 2 - Explains how testing must be a participatory activity among all members of the Agile team, not just the QA testers. Commenting on TestTrack Defects - Describes the difference between inline comments and Comment events, and how each serve a similar but different purpose in simplifying the flow of feedback. Seapine ALM and Eclipse - This video provides an overview of how Seapine ALM provides a tight integration with Eclipse that allows users to access defect, test, and requirement artifacts as well as source code control functions to update files. What Managers Should Know About Testing in Agile Projects, Part 3 - Explains the importance of incorporating automation in testing processes and activities. Traceability Separates You From the Herd - Explains why traceability matters, and how to effectively implement traceability without hurting your team’s productivity. TestTrack TCM Test Runner - This video shows you have to use TestTrack TCM Test Runner to execute a test run and log a new defect for development. Going Agile with TestTrack - Provides more information about the new Going Agile with TestTrack web site, with a brief overview of the resources included on the web site. Are We Nearly There Yet? - Explains why you should devise and agree on a quantifiable definition of the quality required to be ‘ready to ship’ before you are asked if the software is ready.