December 13, 2013

Five Word Tech Horrors

Image: Stephen Shankland via Twitter

We saw an onslaught of “horrors” last Tuesday as the Twitterati dominated media as they expressed their disenchantment with all things software. Many products were trashed. Many technologies were flamed. We did get our fair share of mentions in the bloodbath.

Out of curiosity, I ran a few searches…

#FiveWordTechHorrors svn
#FiveWordTechHorrors git
#FiveWordTechHorrors clearcase
#FiveWordTechHorrors accurev
#FiveWordTechHorrors source safe

Turns out, Perforce was the object of fewer rants than any of those. As a marketer, I found myself wondering… do people hate us less or is it just that we have fewer customers on Twitter than some of these other tools?

As with any technology company, we have our to-do list. As we look back at 2013, it’s clear we invested heavily in improving the performance and scale of Perforce. This makes sense, as we have customers who trust us with running millions of automated transactions across petabytes of data. Many tell us “Perforce just works.” Some don’t even bother upgrading because “it just works... why fix what’s not broken?” But we aren’t done yet and we can’t afford to rest on our laurels.

The past few years, we have catered to the needs of our administrators and enterprises running at scale. While we continue to invest in that area, you will see also see us turning some focus to development and productivity. We have our list. What would you like to see us improve?

Please chime in at #p4now and feel free to use more than five words. Even if you find us horrific, help us be better. And remember, our community manager Matt Attaway (@p4mataway) is only a tweet away.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, I've add to the fray with: you are using it incorrectly #FiveWordTechHorrors.