February 7, 2013

Free eBook | Automated Testing in an Agile Environment

Test Management
”The trick is creating the right kind of automated tests, in the right areas, to ensure that every sprint doesn't consist of one step forward and two steps back” If you’re new to automated testing in an Agile environment, or struggling to ensure efficiency with each new sprint, take advantage of this free Automated Testing and Agile eBook that will help you iterate with confidence. Working with automated testing in an Agile environment can be hard for many reasons.Automated Testing and Agile eBook
  • Manual testers frequently struggle due to a lack of skills for test automation.
  • The applications being tested are constantly under development.
  • Teams are often not equipped to take advantage of automation.
So where is the payoff with automated testing in an Agile world? Automated test scripts run faster, don’t get tired, and don’t miss steps like manual testers do. While the automation scripts verify existing functionality, your team can focus on testing new and complex parts of the application, providing more test efficiency. With the right set of knowledge around automated testing, you can improve the productivity of your team while boosting product quality. A great place to begin is the Test Automation Manifesto, which provides a useful starting point when looking at automating tests in an Agile world. The Test Automation Manifesto outlines specific traits tests should have, as well as a description of each trait. A few notable traits include:
  • Concise: Tests should be as simple as possible and no simpler
  • Sufficient: Tests verify all the requirements of the software being tested
  • Traceable: Tests should be traceable to and from the code they test, and to and from the requirements.
It is no secret that working in an Agile environment presents new challenges and problems. Traditional test automation tools must be adapted for an Agile context because they face an entirely different set of challenges. Only the Agile teams that understand and adapt to this notion will see improved collaboration and communication, a reduction of waste, and an increased speed of feedback. Download the Automated Testing and Agile eBook and learn how to iterate with confidence!