July 16, 2013

Get Introduced to Swarm, Many Times Over

Helix Swarm

swarm bee

If you follow our blog you've likely heard a few times now about our new code collaboration tool called Swarm, but you may not have had a chance to dive in to see what it's all about. Conveniently we have a few different avenues for you to explore Swarm, depending on your time and media preferences.

I have 30 minutes and want to see the whole enchilada.

Just last week I presented an Intro to Swarm webinar. It covers why we created Swarm, gives a demo of our live Public Depot installation, and ends with a Q&A with the developers. It will give you a solid introduction to Swarm.

30 Minutes is a bit much. Have a quick tour?

Our Swarm tutorial will show you a normal, day to day workflow using Swarm with P4V, all in just over 5 minutes.

You have 2 minutes. What's a Swarm?

Say no more, here's a brief 1 minute 47 second introduction. It will give you the gist of Swarm.

Why does everything have to be a video? Give me words!

You want words? We got 'em. Check out Swarm on our website, take a quick peek at the product brief, or read about Swarm on our blog.

If I can't touch it, it isn't real.

We have Swarm deployed for our Public Depot. Hop over and check it out!

If after taking a look at one of our many Swarm introductions you have more questions feel free to hit me up on Twitter or post to the forums where the dev team and other Swarm users are available to answer your questions. Or even better, take the plunge and sign up for a 45 day trial so you can see Swarm yourself with your own projects.