August 11, 2015

Get Started With Helix and Unreal Engine

Version Control

It’s no secret that Perforce Helix is big in the game development world - it’s the best version control system out there if your product is built from a mix of source code and big binaries. With the recent move to make the Unreal Engine available to indie developers for free, more and more people are looking to get UE4 and Perforce Helix to play nice.

Thankfully the Perforce community has stepped up to help people get started! In just the past month two blogs posts on using Unreal Engine with Helix have popped up online:

Each has some good bits of information including which directories to ignore using P4IGNORE and how to get UE4 hooked into your Helix server.
Many thanks to Nate Steger (@NateSteger) and Larry Garrett (@_SurfaceTension) for sharing their knowledge. If anyone has leads on other great tutorials hit me up on Twitter (@p4matway).