February 22, 2011

Going Agile with TestTrack

Helix ALM
Since we launched the Agile Expedition, we've seen a huge number of folks taking the time to learn more about Agile development ideas and methods. What we've lacked during most of that period is an easy way for you to take your new  knowledge and put it to work in TestTrack. Also, as customers begin the process of becoming more agile, they've been asking for help and guidance in using TestTrack to support the adoption of those Agile practices.

We've heard you, and today we're answering! Our new Going Agile with TestTrack web site is chock full of content for both evaluators and existing customers. Here's some of what you'll find:

Whether you're a seasoned TestTrack veteran or just starting to look for a tool, check it out to see how TestTrack can support your Agile transition.