December 17, 2015

Helix Swarm’s New Search Feature and More...

Helix Swarm

The latest Helix Swarm 2015.3 release packs exciting new features that make it even easier for you to do code reviews and collaborate with your team. Today we'll look at a just a few.


As projects and teams get larger, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of where everything is. What’s needed is a powerful search system that understands your projects and teams and quickly delivers the information you need when performing code reviews. The new release of Swarm does just that. 

Searches of project names, users, and files are all now possible. As you enter keywords into the search box, matching items are immediately displayed and grouped by category. Note that user and project search features are integrated within the Swarm release; to use Swarm to search by file name or file content, you must first download Helix Search.

Email Notification

Developers will sometimes make comments on multiple lines of code within a file. So, instead of receiving multiple emails for each code line comment, it’s now possible to receive a single email with all the comments all at once. This makes it less distracting and enables you to be even more productive.


Swarm now includes a new Perl-based trigger for Windows, which offers all the features of the Unix trigger. This means that there is now a single standard trigger script for all supported platforms.

The Windows trigger includes two command line trigger options (enforce and strict) that help ensure code quality by checking to see whether commits of files to specific depot paths are associated with an approved review. For enforce, if a commit includes a file that hasn’t been reviewed and approved, then the commit is rejected. The strict trigger option is more stringent than enforce in that the file content contained in a commit must exactly match the file content in an associated approved review; for example, if the timestamps of the two files being compared are different, then the commit is rejected. 

Be sure to download the latest Swarm 2015.3 release to take advantage of all these great features and see how Swarm is making it even easier for you to work with your team.