Hansoft 10 Release
July 23, 2018

Goodbye Sticky Notes, Hello Helix Plan 10!

Project Management


It’s one big reason why so many teams love planning and tracking their work in Helix Plan (formerly Hansoft).

They have freedom to self-organize while working on large-scale projects. They have freedom to collaborate across vast distances to ship complex products on time. They have freedom to combine Agile and Waterfall methods side by side in the same project.

I’m proud to say, with Helix Plan 10, this freedom just got a noticeable boost…

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Introducing Helix Plan 10 — For Kanban Fans

Tour the new boards in Helix Plan 10 with Rikard Nilsson, Product Owner.

If you like Kanban boards for their ability to streamline workflows and visualize progress, you’ll want to throw away your sticky notes and upgrade to Helix Plan 10 immediately.

Ever use a tool like Trello? We’ve put that functionality into Helix Plan — except you get the added benefit of scalable collaboration across the organization.

With Helix Plan 10, you get a simpler, more powerful board view that gives you more freedom in combining and mixing methods to meet your goals.

“Doesn’t Helix Plan already have boards?” you might be thinking.

Yes, Helix Plan already has boards. But Helix Plan 10 adds a whole new board view with fully customizable lanes and columns. And, unlike before, Helix Plan 10 now gives each team their own board.


[WEBINAR: Kanban for Game Studios: Why, Where, When (& How to Do It Right)]



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Achieve Autonomy & Visibility

The new boards in Helix Plan 10 let teams pull work forward, while managers and stakeholders get insights they need to evaluate progress.

Team Autonomy

In Helix Plan 10, each and every team gets their own board workspace, which they can customize. With Helix Plan 10, you also don’t have to worry about individual workspaces fostering team silos — each team can have their own process while still working together. That’s because the team board is connected to the planning view for the entire project!

Hansoft 10 Release Boardview
Add custom columns and lanes to keep work flowing forward.

Manager Visibility

Stakeholders and managers get their high-level view of progress from each team as board data still aggregates up; first into the Planning view and then into the Backlog or QA views. So you get the same, powerful reporting as before.

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Measure Progress, Locate Bottlenecks

Helix Plan 10 lets you measure progress in new ways. Teams and managers can track the number of cards on a board, lane, or column. This allows teams to track their work in progress, and track their performance over time, making it easier to find bottlenecks and areas of improvement.

Hansoft 10 Release Dashboards
Dashboards bring insights to team progress.
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Accelerate Value Delivery

While the Backlog and Planning views in Helix Plan give a lot of power to experienced users, the board view is a great place for teams that are new to Helix Plan. It’s designed to be easy to both configure and work in, reducing the amount of onboarding necessary before a team starts delivering value.

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Bringing It All Together

You no longer need to choose between simplicity and power when selecting your Agile management tool. We believe our new boards, paired with the existing scalability and flexibility in Helix Plan, will help even more teams across the world build great products.

We’re excited to see what you will do with these new improvements. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on them!

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