November 2, 2015

How Good Are Your Version Management Habits?

Our new Version Management Best Practices whitepaper is required reading for anyone using version management tools. Starting with the basics (e.g. "what makes a good check-in?") this guide, based on years of our and customers' experience, provides practical advice on how to get the most out of your version management environment. Having best practices in place is more important than ever given the changes over the last few years to incorporate new contributors such as artists and designers in project teams, adopt new practices like distributed versioning, and move toward DevOps and continuous delivery.

Modern, hybrid workflows supported by Perforce Helix can make your life easier and more productive, but to be really productive it's worth ensuring your processes and policies are all fit for purpose. Not just to make life easier, but to protect your valuable work.

Take a look at the guide and let us know what you think. Are there additional areas or recommendations we ought to include in the next update? Tweet us @perforce and let us know!