December 6, 2010

How to Make Sure Requirement Review Notes Are Addressed

Helix ALM
In TestTrack RM, the default requirements workflow includes a Review Note event that reviewers use to provide feedback on individual requirements. Before requirements are approved, it’s crucial to make sure all review notes are addressed. You can make this easier by adding a check box to the Review Note event, which users select after addressing a note. You can also create a filter to display requirements that still contain review notes to address. Users can apply this filter to quickly find requirements that need attention.

Adding a check box to the Review Note event

  1. Choose Tools > Administration > Workflow and then select Requirements as the Type.
  2. Click the Events tab.
  3. Select the Review Note event and click Edit.
  4. Click the Custom tab and then click Custom Fields.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Enter the field Name, Long label, and Field code. For the Name, you may want to use something like ‘Review note addressed’.
  7. Select Check Box as the Field type. Add Custom Fields dialog box
  8. Click OK until all dialog boxes are closed to save the workflow changes.

Marking review notes as addressed

After addressing a review note, users can edit the Review Note event to select the Note addressed check box. To do this, double-click the event on the Workflow tab in the Edit Requirement dialog box, select the check box, and click OK. Review Note event dialog box The Other Information column on the Workflow tab displays Y (for Yes) if the Review note addressed check box is selected in the review note. Workflow tab

Creating a filter to view unaddressed review notes

  1. Choose Create > Filter > Requirement.
  2. Enter the filter Name and Description.
  3. Click Add to add a restriction.
  4. Select Note Addressed in the Restrict by field.
  5. Select All Review Note Events as the Event to Search and Note Addressed is not checked. Add Restriction dialog box
  6. Click OK to save the restriction and then click Add to add the filter.
To view requirements with unaddressed review notes, select the filter in the Requirements list window or Specification Document window. You can also follow similar steps to make sure requirement document review notes are addressed by adding the check box and filter for requirement documents instead of requirements.