November 21, 2017

November Update to Helix TeamHub Cloud Improves Code Reviews and Developer Collaboration

Developer Collaboration

As we approach the season of giving, we are pleased to give Helix TeamHub Cloud users an early present: improved code reviews and developer collaboration. These updates were automatically installed, so you don’t have to worry about downloading a new version. (For Helix TeamHub Enterprise users, these changes will be part of the January 2018.1 release).

Task Comments Inside Code Reviews

When conducting code reviews, sometimes you want to ensure your comments have been addressed before the code is merged. With task comments, you no longer have to wonder whether your team members have implemented the fixes you requested. Simply mark a comment as a task that the author has to address before the changes can be merged.

Comments marked as tasks are shown in the ‘Tasks’ tab. This allows the reviewer to quickly see the tasks that need to be resolved before the changes can be approved. For the author, it shows what is still left to be fixed before the changes go forward.

Marking Comment as a Task
Mark comments as a task to be sure they get answered before the code changes go live.

It’s also possible to enforce that all of the tasks need to be marked as done before the changes can be merged. This will create another layer of feedback and approval cycle between the code changes being shared within the team and the changes going live in production.

Resolving Tasks from the Tasks tab
You can find open and resolved tasks easily from the Tasks tab.

Webhooks for Code Review Events

We are continuously working to streamline the integration between Helix TeamHub and the broader software development tool ecosystem. The integration capabilities just got a little broader with the enablement of webhooks for code review events.

Similar to how you can add a webhook to push events, it’s now possible to trigger a webhook for code review events as well.

Configuring the webhook for code review events
Configure the webhook for code review events from the Hooks section inside a project.

While this is a forward-looking feature and there are no ready-made hooks available yet, the possibilities are endless. For instance, by integrating with Slack, a webhook could be triggered every time a comment has been left on a code review.  

Threaded Comments for Code Reviews and Issues

When a discussion contains multiple people and messages, it can be hard to grasp the context. To overcome that problem, Helix TeamHub now offers the functionality to have threaded conversations inside code reviews and issues.

Using the threaded conversations is simple -  just click the reply button and enter a comment to start the discussion thread.

Replying to a comment
Click the reply button to start a thread from a comment.

Combined Company Scope and Dashboard

Although the simplicity of the user experience has always been a key differentiator for Helix TeamHub, we have received feedback about the ambiguity of different scopes within the web UI. Before this latest update, Helix TeamHub had three different scopes:

  • Company
  • Dashboard
  • Project

To improve ease of use, the company and dashboard scopes are now integrated into one unified dashboard scope.

The new dashboard scope
Combining the company and dashboard scopes simplifies the user experience.

As a result of this enhancement, there are a few changes. The company statistics and links from the company scope now appear in the new dashboard scope. The following information from the company scope has been removed and will not be visible from the new dashboard scope: latest users and projects/repositories. This information is still available by going to the respective listing and sorting the information based on creation date.

Smaller Enhancements and Bug Fixes

In addition to the bigger things, we were able to include some smaller changes as well. The aforementioned ability to sort various listings based on their creation date or name is a good way to find what you are looking for. Outdated diff titles show reply counts so it’s easy to see if there are new comments related to fixed code changes. Additionally, wiki pages now display the latest modification date and the person who did the change.

We also made the following bug fixes:

  • File content is now updating when switching between branches.
  • Approval counts are no longer displaying a negative number when more approvals are required.
  • Various views that display commit messages are now escaping HTML tags inside commits.
  • Using the @ character and URLS inside code blocks in Markdown content are now rendered correctly.

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