July 29, 2011

July 2011 Blog Recap

There were many updates to the blog in July. Here is our monthly recap: Video: Surround SCM List Windows- Demonstrates how to use list windows in Surround SCM, including basic sorting and advanced filter filtering. Simplifying TestTrack Item Windows- Shows how to configure, and simplify, an Item Window in TestTrack. Video: How to Install and Configure the Seapine ALM Reporting Platform- Shows how to install and configure Seapine ALM RP, and populate the data warehouse. The Kanban Board and Gemba Walk – Two Powerful Mechanisms for Agile Communication and Change- Alan Bustamante shares his thoughts on Kanban boards and Gemba walks. He also shares his surprise at finding two Kanban boards in the marketing department. Managing User Stories and Requirements in TestTrack- Demonstrates how to manage both user stories and requirements in a TestTrack requirement document. Time Saver: Using Find and Replace to Change Strings in QA Wizard Pro- Explains how to use Find and Replace to change multiple strings at once. Configuring File Access Permissions in Surround SCM- Explains key approaches to configuring file access permissions for Surround SCM security groups. Archiving List Values in TestTrack- Includes instructions for archiving TestTrack list values, while keeping the field values searchable. TDD 101 Learning Series – Writing Good Unit Tests Webinar Recording and Q&A- Covers the following topics: differences between test-driven development and unit testing, benefits of unit testing, what unit tests should cover, attributes of good unit tests, and tips for more efficient tests. Video: Automatic Traceability with TestTrack- Includes an overview of how to automatically link and establish relationships between TestTrack artifacts. Marketing and Kanban: Will it Work?- Discusses how the Seapine Marketing team uses a Kanban board to enhance project visibility and efficiency. Webinar Recording: FDA Design Traceability Requirements for Device Development- John Avellant of Cerulean Associates, LLC discusses the importance of core regulatory requirements, the four practical constraints facing developers, and the eight-step lean compliance strategy to ensure a worry-free, traceable FDA audit or submission. Join Seapine at Agile2011- A brief overview of our new innovations debuting at Agile 2011 including TestTrack for Agile project management and the electronic task board in a Kanban-style interface. Prevent Promote or Rebase Based on Surround SCM Workflow State- Shows how to configure Surround SCM 2011.1 to evaluate a condition based on workflow state, and prevent a promote or rebase based on that state. Video: Recording Objective Evidence with TestTrack- Provides an overview of the benefits of using TestTrack to improve your traceability practices for FDA audits or submissions.