July 31, 2012

July Blog Recap

There were many updates to our blog in July. Here are the highlights: Calculating FMEA Risk Priority Numbers in TestTrack - Don’t bother with pulling data into Excel or another tool. TestTrack is your all-in-one tool for calculating FMEA risk priority scores. Using Requirement Types in TestTrack - Get the how-to on using requirement types in TestTrack with Michael Tackett. 3 Common Questions & Answers About Seapine PDS- Are you looking for a more cost-effective way to provide your team with complete TestTrack capabilities? Find out if Seapine PDS licenses are the right fit. Modifying Word Templates for Requirement Document Exports - Learn how to create custom templates for exporting requirement documents to Microsoft Word. Relocating Seapine Headquarters - Seeking some top-notch ALM software or a career in the booming software industry? Seapine Software is a great place to look. Starting in August, don’t try to find us at our Triangle Offices location because all you’ll find are empty offices. Seapine is on the move!