June 29, 2012

June Blog Recap

There were many updates to our blog in June. Here is our monthly recap.

Calculated Fields Conundrum - List Item or Text for Output Type - Test Track users, wondering what the difference between the text and list outputs are? Learn when to use text vs. list output here.

TestTrack RM Reviewer - Requirement Reviews Made Easier - Learn how to simplify the process of reviewing and commenting on requirements with Gerhard Kruger.


Diffing Microsoft Word Files From Surround SCM - Make diffing Microsoft word files much easier by learning how to do it with Surround SCM.

3 Easy Improvements for Your TestTrack Workflow Events - Find out why three simple improvements can significantly improve your TestTrack workflow events. Get the how and why here.

Coping With Application Changes in QA Wizard Pro– Why manually edit scripts when you can use merge controls in QA Wizard Pro. Nathan Cullen can show you how.

Link Requirements Quickly with New Drag-and-Drop Functionality– We’ve made linking easier, find out how.