March 24, 2014

Live Webinar: Hear Continuous Delivery Best Practices from Our Customers

Continuous Delivery

If you’d like to hear about Continuous Delivery from the people who are doing it, please sign up for tomorrow’s live webinar “Expert Panel: Continuous Delivery Best Practices Revealed.” It begins Tuesday March 25th at 10 AM Pacific Time.

Moderated by Forrester principal analyst Kurt Bittner, this webinar will be a panel discussion by Continuous Delivery practitioners from Tableau Software, Intuit and

This cast of accomplished software engineering professionals will share what’s worked for them and what hasn’t, common pitfalls and practical considerations they’ve gained from migrating their companies to Continuous Delivery. The panel will cover four main topic areas: Architectural Strategies, Pipeline Acceleration, Developer Collaboration and Changing Culture. They will close the webinar with answers to questions from an online audience from around the globe.

Please sign up today to reserve your spot.