August 20, 2020

Solving More Large-Scale Development Challenges With Our Acquisition of Methodics


At Perforce, we help customers solve some of the most complex development challenges in the world. Our products are found in the toolkits of automotive software developers, game development studios, medical device manufacturers, semiconductor companies, and many other industries. In all of these environments, we are focused on providing tools that drive innovation, agility, and quality — key drivers of business growth in our tech-enabled economy.

These same principles are shared by our our longstanding partner and the newest member of the Perforce family, Methodics. We are excited to welcome the Methodics team to Perforce and I look forward to working with them as we continue to enable innovation, quality, and agility in the semiconductor industry.

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Why Perforce Acquired Methodics

Beyond a shared commitment to the success of our customers, we have first-hand experience with the value Methodics brings to the world’s largest semiconductor companies. Methodics increases the pace and efficiency of modern chip development by offering a unique solution for managing the lifecycle of IP blocks, providing traceability of designs, and cataloging IP design details enabling efficient reuse.

The Methodics solution essentially extends the Perforce DevOps at Scale portfolio to serve chip development teams. Our existing integration of Methodics and Helix Core and the feedback from joint customers reinforces the unique value we offer to semiconductor developers who seek to win and grow in an increasingly competitive, interdependent market. We are eager to officially welcome the Methodics team and I look forward to continuing to advance and strengthen our shared metadata management, traceability, and IP reuse offerings.

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IP Lifecycle Management and Design Data Management

The combination of Methodics and Helix Core enables our customers to leverage the workflow and metadata management of Methodics as well as the large-scale data management of Helix Core. They can maintain the traceability of IP assets across their organization, facilitating IP sharing, distribution, and cataloging. They can reuse design assets, even across distributed teams, which helps them deliver on increasingly challenging time-to-market demands.

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Key Opportunity: Variant Management

An opportunity I am particularly excited about with Methodics is the ability to enable our customers to efficiently manage multiple variants. Similar to the auto industry where multiple option packages are used to increase revenue from a base model, many industries use multiple variants of software and semiconductors to increase revenue streams and tailor solutions to specific customer requirements. To maximize this opportunity, organizations need a reliable and efficient way to manage the lifecycle of each variant including relationships, history, regulatory compliance (where applicable), bug tracking, IP licensing terms, and more. Game developers, automotive software developers, medical device manufacturers, IoT developers and many more industries we serve have this same opportunity.

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Perforce + Methodics for DevOps at Scale

With Methodics, we help our customers meet high quality imperatives, produce solutions for increasingly challenging time-to-market needs, and deliver those solutions on any scale.

We look forward to supporting you in new ways through this acquisition and welcoming the innovative team at Methodics to Perforce. In turn, I invite you to learn more about Methodics and how they can support your work.

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