December 18, 2014

New Releases of Perforce Cluster Manager, Perforce Eclipse Plugin and P4Java API; Open Source Tools in Perforce Workshop; New Partner Integrations


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Here's what's new from Perforce in December.

P4CMGR 2014.2 – New Tool for Managing Perforce Server Clusters

Perforce Cluster Manager assists administrators with deploying and managing a Perforce server cluster, a new data center deployment option introduced in the latest release of P4D 2014.2. Server clustering offers a multi-node solution for high availability and horizontal data center scaling. A clustered solution assures highly available, fault-tolerant and consistent revision data and scales up via workspace partitioning. To get started, read the Cluster Management Guide.

Download P4D 2014.2 | Release Notes

Download P4CMGR 2014.2 | Release Notes

P4Eclipse and P4Java 2014.1 – Updated to Support Eclipse Luna and New Server Commands

This release of the Perforce Plugin for Eclipse has been updated to support Eclipse 4.4 (Luna), JDK 1.8 and Mylyn 3.12. P4Java API has been updated to support new Perforce Server commands, and new i18n features support Unicode auto-detection and Greek character sets. Please read the release notes for details.

Download P4Eclipse 2014.1 | Release Notes

Download P4Java 2014.1 | Release Notes

Piper – Available Now on Windows

Previously available only to Mac users, Piper is a versioning app that provides a simple interface and workflow that minimizes manual file management for non-technical Perforce users—like designers, marketers and product managers collaborating on design and production.

Download Piper for Windows | Project History

P4Connect – Perforce Unity Plugin Now Free and Open Source

P4Connect is the simplest Perforce integration tool for Unity yet. It’s now available free both from the Unity Asset Store and open-sourced in the Perforce Workshop. We welcome community contributions!

Download P4Connect from Unity Asset Store | Get P4Connect Source Code in the Workshop

Continuous Integration with Perforce Server Plugin for Jenkins – Updates Now Available

Perforce Server Plugin for Jenkins makes it simple to run automated builds both on Perforce streams and shelves for Continuous Integration. Get the latest updates now.

Download P4 Plugin for Jenkins

ElectricCommander and Perforce Swarm Integration from Electric Cloud

Using ElectricCommander and Perforce Swarm, you can track whether the code you are reviewing passes or fails tests – effectively performing preflight tests without any additional tooling.

Download ElectricCommander Perforce Plugin | Watch Demo

DevArt Review Assistant – Code Review Plugin for Perforce Visual Studio Users

Review Assistant is a code review plugin for Visual Studio that helps you to create review requests and respond to them without leaving the IDE. It integrates with P4VS, Perforce Plugin for Visual Studio.

Download Review Assistant

P4Search and Perforce Swarm – Example App for iOS

Get a working example of an iOS app that works with both P4Search and Perforce Swarm.

Download Example App for iOS | Project History