August 8, 2014

New Swarm 2014.3 Release: Tasks, Check Offs, More Context, API, Oh My!

Application Lifecycle Management

We’ve added some great lightweight workflow enhancements in this latest release of Swarm including turning comments into tasks, the ability to check off files already reviewed, and the ability to see more lines of context in diffs. Here’s what’s new:

Tasks for Lightweight Workflow

Any comment in a review can now be flagged as a task. This helps your team know what needs to be (or already has been) done within the review.

A typical workflow looks like this: when an author creates a review, a reviewer can create a to-do for the author by flagging a comment as a task. Next, the author reviews the task, changes the content of the files, and updates the status of the task to “addressed.” Lastly, the reviewer marks the task as “verified” to accept the author’s fix.

Handy Check Offs

When conducting reviews that span a large number of files, it’s often very useful to keep track of what has and hasn’t been reviewed. Swarm now allows you to mark each file you review as read.

More Lines of Context

In a diff view, it can be very helpful to see more context. With this excellent usability enhancement, you can now see an additional 10 lines above and below the expansion points.


In preparation for the Swarm-P4V integration, the team has developed a documented API. In a future version of P4V, planned for release at the end of Q3 2014, code reviews will be easier to create and update via context menus on changelists.

Stale Votes

When new content is added to a review, Swarm will desaturate out-of-date or stale votes. You’ll need to re-vote on reviews; however, that’s a good thing because this ensures the latest code is being looked at and approved.

Jira Improvements

Jira will now display descriptions from Swarm reviews and Perforce changelists right next to their respective links. Jira users can stay in context and get an overall view without needing to jump to Swarm.

These new features are available now for download in Swarm 2014.3. Please check them out and let us know what you think by visiting the Swarm Forums.

Enjoy the Swarm!