December 5, 2012

November Blog Recap

There were many blog posts in November. Here is our monthly recap. What is the Cost of a Defect? - Does the cost finding and fixing a defect truly by an order of magnitude at each stage of the development lifecycle? Read on to find out Peter Varhol's opinion on this commonly-held belief. Code Reviews with Surround SCM - Learn more about integrated code reviews in Surround SCM 2013. Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics - Learn about Surround SCM 2013's new Risk Analysis feature with Jeff Amfahr. Linking and Traceability with TestTrack - Anyone who has participated in product development projects knows that delivering the right product can be a complex and difficult process. Learn how TestTrack's linking and traceability features can help you simplify this process. What's the Difference between a Defect and an Issue? - Check out Peter Varhol's take on the differences between defects and issues. Three Reasons You'll Want to Check out TestTrack Matrix Reports - Learn more about matrix reports, which were introduced in TestTrack 2013. Matrix reports are very powerful, and make it easy to analyze linked and related items.