December 9, 2013

An Open Invitation to AccuRev Customers

We recently found this interesting bit of news that’s relevant to all AccuRev customers. It was buried deep in the recent interim shareholder report from Micro Focus.

It appears that Micro Focus has agreed to acquire AccuRev.

Interestingly enough, we haven’t seen any other news concerning this event. Both companies have been very quiet on the acquisition. It is easy to see that Micro Focus are making the move to bolster their solutions for application lifecycle management as the company continues to focus on the legacy market. (They also acquired CORBA middleware products from Progress Software earlier this year). While Borland has been concentrating on Silk testing tools in the last few years, development of their core version management offering (StarTeam) has been largely dormant. The AccuRev acquisition might be welcome addition for Micro Focus as it maintains its focus on a complete stack for CORBA, COBOL and Mainframe.

However, what does this mean to AccuRev customers? The low-key nature of this acquisition must leave their customers feeling uncomfortable. Extrapolating from the nature of this acquisition, we can only hazard a guess. It is very likely that the AccuRev product line will not see any new innovation, but will most likely be sunset to serve a legacy market. Any focus on new development is likely to be directed toward integration with their existing suite, with an eye on serving Micro Focus’s current customers.

If you are a Micro Focus customer, the acquisition is good news for you!

However, if you are an AccuRev customer and your core business offering is dependent on assets residing with AccuRev, you should be on high alert!

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