May 13, 2015

P4Connect 2.7: Unity 5, 64-bit, OS X, Build Hooks, Speed, and More!


This week we released P4Connect 2.7, the latest round of improvements to our free and Open Source integration with Unity. Since our previous release a few months back, we've gotten a lot of great feedback. We’ve had discussions in the forums and the Perforce Workshop, received feedback in the Unity Asset Store, and conducted multitudes of onsite visits with customers. After hours of talking to the Unity+Perforce community, we were inspired to make several enhancements:

Unity 5

P4Connect 2.7 offers full support for Unity 5, both the Personal and Professional editions. With the free 20/20 Program from Perforce and Unity’s new licensing scheme, these great tools are even more accessible to small teams.


While enabling Unity 5, we opted to step up to 64-bit. This makes P4Connect more compatible with 64-bit systems and programs, and makes some things easier, faster, and better looking (not to worry though, P4Connect remains perfect for 32-bit systems).


Lots of folks love their Macs and we want multiplatform games teams to have a blast creating games together. P4Connect 2.7 ensures OS X users have the same great experience Windows users have.

Build Hooks

As part of this Open Source project, we want to lead the way in building out connections to other tools games devs teams need and use. We figured build automation is the best place to start, so we’ve added hooks for automated builds by Electric Commander to start.


To make things easier still, we updated to the latest Perforce API to take advantage of recent performance optimizations. And, of course, an updated API gives you access to some cool new Perforce tricks.


Because we just can’t get enough, we made a bunch of not-so-flashy-but-highly-useful enhancements, too.

  • You can have multiple P4Connect instances running in different workspaces on a single machine.
  • It’s now easier to see which files belong to which changelist.
  • P4Connect now has better awareness of which release version you're using.
  • In addition, we made a lot of small changes that make setup and configuration easier and more intuitive, and we added a slew of features to aid in logging, diagnostics, and debugging.

Your Ideas and Contributions Welcome

All in all, it's a pretty packed release. But we’re already talking about the next one and we want to hear your ideas. Talk to us in our forums, the Perforce Workshop or just by emailing us at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you!

If you’re ready to contribute, grab the code and write the thing you like. We’ll work with you to get your changes added in, and knowing us, we’ll probably send you some swag just for the heck of it.

More fun and games to come!