September 16, 2011

Perforce Foundation: Giving back to the community and supporting global charities


The founders of Perforce Software established the Perforce Foundation nearly 15 years ago to provide a mechanism by which every employee has the opportunity to donate Perforce money to charities of their own choosing. This program, which we fondly call our Corporate Tithing Program, is by far one of the most appreciated programs we support at Perforce.

The opportunity to give back to the community and support global charities has always been a part of who we are. Each year every employee worldwide is encouraged to choose charities that they are passionate about or have benefited from. These charities include Public and Private School Foundations, Global Disaster Relief, Homelessness, Animals, Fair Trade, Health Programs and Research, and the Arts and Sciences.

This year, in support of Perforce’s commitment to our tithing program, we established a committee to serve as a voice of all employees to direct additional charitable giving. This active committee currently consists of 10 Perforcians who meet quarterly to discuss current needs and requests from charitable organizations. This committee ensures that every dollar donated is backed by our employees.

Each employee is allotted to donate $1500 annually. Combined with the additional donations made by our tithing committee, the Perforce Foundation has donated over $2.3m since its inception. Perforce takes great pride that we are in the position to be able to give back to our community. It makes the work we do and the services we provide even more worthwhile.