August 20, 2014

Perforce Global Technical Support Adds Customer Satisfaction Survey


As part of our commitment to providing the best support in the business, we are pleased to let you know that we’ve added a ‘transactional’ Customer Satisfaction Survey to our Support process. Beginning August 19th our CRM system will send an email with a link to a 5-question survey after a Technical Support case has been closed. The survey will not be sent to the same person twice within a 30-day period. It will ask you to rate us in five areas:

  1. Time to receive your initial response
  2. Overall responsiveness during the resolution of the issue
  3. Timeliness of resolution
  4. Professionalism of Technical Support Engineer
  5. Overall satisfaction with Technical Support

The survey will allow you to re-open the case if it has not been resolved to your satisfaction or to request a call from a Technical Support Manager. You'll also have the opportunity to opt-out of receiving the survey again in the future.

Our hope is that this new tool will give us insight into how well we are meeting expectations and help us discover new ways to further delight our customers. I encourage all of our customers to participate in this survey as often as practical. The more feedback we receive, the better we will be able to support you!