February 21, 2014

Perforce Product Update: Improved Git, Access Control, and 3D Model Support

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We are excited to announce new capabilities in Perforce Swarm this month. Here's what's now available for download from our website.

Perforce Swarm 2014.1: Complete Support for Git, Access Control, and 3D Models

This release of Perforce Swarm features enhancements for collaborating on projects that include both Git and Perforce developers, better access control, and added capabilities for teams to review 3D model assets.

Here's what's new:

  • Git Pre-commit Code Reviews: Git users can now request review of their work prior to it being committed to the destination branch. Modeled after Gerrit workflows, Swarm's Git pre-commit code reviews enable multiple users to collaborate, review automated CI test results, and ensure that only approved commits make it to the mainline.
  • Access Control Enhancements: Restricted change content and information is automatically hidden from users who do not have explicit permission to access the content.
  • 3D Models: Swarm can now help you review and diff 3D models (.STL, .OBJ, .DAE). Artists and designers can easily collaborate with their peers to produce the coolest products on the planet!

Download Swarm 2014.1

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How Do I Learn More?

Please let others in your organization know about our latest product updates. They can register for this monthly product notification from the Communication Center on our website.

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