December 1, 2014

Perforce Training: Learning isn't 'One Size Fits All'


Many modes of Perforce training are available, ranging from instructor-led classroom training to on-site workshops to watching videos. Here’s a quick cheat sheet to match your needs with our training recommendation.

training is not one size fit all

  • New to version control? Comprehensive training will ensure you get the most out of your investment in Perforce. Get an experienced consultant in-house for instructor-led training and start off with best practices in place.
  • Migrating to Perforce from another tool? Learn the major differences between Perforce and the legacy system, and how you should adapt your development workflows. Get an experienced consultant in-house.
  • Do you have a small set of users, all in one location? Instructor-led classroom training is a great option.
  • Do you have limited training budget, but are somewhat familiar with version control and/or Perforce? Our video tutorial library has many task-based short videos.
  • Are your users new to Perforce but geographically dispersed? Learn anywhere with our online instructor-led training, or via recorded training.
  • Do time constraints prohibit all users to be trained at the same time? Check out asynchronous training options such as the video tutorial library, or recorded training.
  • Want a persistent training regimen crafted as part of your standard internal ramp-up process, complete with your own workflows and internal development standards? Talk to us about producing a recorded training including hands-on lab exercises that can be shared with all your users.
  • Want workshop-style training while working on your own projects and data sets? We offer workshops delivered by our senior consultants and consulting partners.
  • Did you just hire a new administrator who needs to come up to speed on Perforce? Send them to the online public training courses.

Which form of training works best for you? It could even be a hybrid approach. If you’d like to further discuss your training needs, drop us a line at [email protected], or just talk to your Perforce Account Manager.