April 24, 2008


Surround SCM
My name is Jeff Amfahr, and I am the product manager for Surround SCM here at Seapine. After a groundswell of demand (thanks Dad!), I’ve decided to start writing about some of the issues exciting ideas and opportunities around SCM in general and Surround SCM in particular. In addition, I believe it’s only a matter of time before I’m slandered by Grant so I wanted to acquire my own mouthpiece. As Rupert Murdoch already snatched up the Wall Street Journal, this seemed like my best bet. Over time, I’ll be keeping you apprised of what’s happing with the Surround product, soliciting feedback on directions and features we’re looking at and talking about some of the challenges exciting opportunities of working in this space. Surround is a very interesting product, since we use it internally. This is a real mixed blessing. On the one hand, when things aren’t working well we feel it ourselves. I get feature requests all the time from team members. Developers “get” almost all of the use cases. On the other hand, it’s easy to be blinded by our internal development process and use cases. “No one does it that way” and “It’s really important that XYZ be fast as people do that all the time” are easy to slip into the thought process. I have to try and balance making features that I and other team members want/use to be perfect versus optimizing features that we don’t use, but some large part of our customer base might. And the challenge is how to find out what people are using (and why), since the feedback loop is rarely perfect. Hence, this blog as another avenue to let people in on the fun. Hopefully you find the information here useful, as I give some additional insight into how Surround is evolving and you give me insight on how it should evolve. If nothing else, if you regularly read this as well as Grant's postings, you run the risk might have the chance to be deposed at the inevitable lawsuit and/or criminal case.