Helix QAC 2020.2
November 3, 2020

Helix QAC 2020.2 Greatly Enhances Standards Compliance Coverage

Static Analysis

The latest version of Helix QAC features a number of significant improvements to the static analyzers’ performance and functionality — ensuring that your software is safe, compliant, and reliable. Here is an overview of the most notable enhancements to Helix QAC.

Helix QAC 2020.2: Expanded C++, CERT, C Secure, MISRA, and AUTOSAR Coverage

Helix QAC 2020.2 has expanded its coverage of C++, CERT, C Secure, MISRA, and AUTOSAR.

  • Complete support for MISRA C:2012 Amendment 2.
  • AUTOSAR coverage has increased to 91%.
  • CERT C rules coverage has increased to 100%.
    • Complete support for CERT C POSIX rules.
  • CERT C++ coverage increased to 95%.
  • New compliance module for ISO/IEC TS 17961, which provides 98% coverage for C Secure.
  • Improved support for C++17 language features, including:
    • Inline variables.
    • Nested namespace definition.
    • Selection statements with an initializer.
    • Pack expansions and declarator lists in using declarations.
    • Typename keyword in template template parameters.
    • Non-type template parameters declared with a placeholder type.
    • UTF-8 character literals.
    • In-class definition of explicit template specializations.
    • Enumeration direct-list initialization.
    • Structured bindings.
  • Increased support for C++20 language features, including:
    • Nested inline namespaces.
    • Range-based for statements with an initializer.
    • Storage class specifiers in structured bindings.

Helix QAC 2020.2: Increased Productivity and Usability Enhancements

The latest release also features increased productivity and usability enhancements.

  • Helix QAC Verify dashboard features improved upload performance, bug-fixes, and minor improvements.
  • Increased Eclipse Plugin performance.
  • Improved Visual Studio Plugin performance.
  • Two new QAGUI optional features provide rapid analysis feedback. These features are:
    • Continuous Incremental Analysis, which enables analysis to be performed automatically when saving a file or after a predefined time of inactivity in a modified file.
    • Interactive Asynchronous Feedback, which enables diagnostic results to stream in as analysis progresses. This enables you to begin remediating issues while analysis is running.
  • Support for Jenkins Pipelines that provides an easier way to automate static analysis as part of the application lifecycle within the CI/CD process.

Why Choose Helix QAC

The improvements introduced in Helix QAC 2020.2 have helped solidify Helix QAC as the most accurate and precise static analyzer for functional safety and compliance across all embedded software development industries.

To learn more about all the new enhancements to Helix QAC, visit What’s New in Helix QAC. And, if you want to see the latest version of Helix QAC in action, register for a free trial.

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