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October 8, 2018

What Is the JSF AV C++ Coding Standard?

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Joint Strike Fighter Air Vehicle C++ (JSF AV C++) is a coding standard developed by Lockheed Martin. It helps programmers develop error-free code for safety-critical systems.

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What Does the JSF Coding Standard Cover?

The JSF coding standard covers safety-critical coding rules for C++.

Developers use this standard to produce code free from defects. One minor coding error could result in significant harm — either to people or to the system.

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Why C++ Needs a Coding Standard

The JSF coding standard is especially important, due to the nature of C++.

The C++ language is often used to develop applications in safety-critical environments. But it wasn’t specifically designed for them. Using the JSF coding standard makes C++ safer.

The purpose of this coding standard is to define a C++ rule set that produces correct, reliable, and maintainable code.

JSF++ Qualities

Code written in compliance with JSF++ will be:

  • Reliable
  • Portable
  • Maintainable
  • Testable
  • Reusable
  • Extensible
  • Readable

Who Should Use the JSF Coding Standard?

The JSF coding standard is designed for the aerospace and defense industry.

Air vehicles include more lines of code today than ever before. A coding error could compromise safety.

This standard can be applied in other embedded industries as well, such as automotive or medical devices.

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How to Comply With JSF AV C++

To comply with JSF AV C++, you’ll need a static code analyzer.

Helix QAC for C++ includes a JSF AV C++ compliance module to enforce these coding rules. This helps you adopt safe usage of C++ language.

So, when you use Helix QAC, you’ll get:

  • The most comprehensive JSF AV C++ rule checking available.
  • Fully documented rule enforcement and message interpretation.
  • Extensive example code.
  • Fully configurable rules processing.

You’ll also get advice on modifying your code to comply with JSF AV C++. You’ll improve your software integrity. And you’ll get an audit document that proves you’ve complied with the standard.

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