October 31, 2011

Register Today for Our Upcoming "Agile XXL: Scaling Agile for Project Teams" Webinar

In a 2010 study, Forrester Research reported that roughly 88% of respondents had more than 10 members on a team. And, only 17% had the entire team co-located at the company headquarters. Join us for this 60-minute Agile XXL: Scaling Agile for Project Teams webinar on Wednesday, November 9, at 2:00 p.m. EST (North America), to learn more about scaling Agile. Alan Bustamante, senior Agile consultant, will discuss the people, process, and tools—what he calls "project support pillars"—that must be in harmony before you can successfully scale an enterprise Agile team. He'll also share common challenges in solidifying each of those pillars, and early warning signs that a project team is at risk of serious issues as it scales. You'll learn:
  • A model for understanding what happens when people, process, and tools are not aligned.
  • Common problems faced by organizations struggling with scaling Agile teams.
  • Proven solutions to mitigate the risk associated with scaling Agile project teams.
Register today and learn how to scale your Agile project team regardless of team size or team location.