April 18, 2016

Seapine’s Technical Support Team Gets High Marks (and Two Pizzas)

At Seapine, our goal is to provide the best technical support as quickly as possible, and our specialists often get high marks from appreciative customers. But until recently, no one had thanked the team by buying them lunch. Seapine’s technical support specialists—Brandon Stevens, Jeni Questa, Shane Coates, and Trish Cordes—go above and beyond to help customers get the most out of our products. The proof is in the hundreds of comments we get each year. Here’s just a few:
“Brandon resolved this issue and the extra effort is really appreciated. He worked offline with one of my files and found the problem and walked me through the solution. Really makes a big difference in how Seapine is working for me now. Thanks!” “Thanks, Jeni, for diagnosing our TTP Out Of Memory issue and quickly getting me the 64-bit version of TestTrack Server.” “Shane was very responsive and answered my question. Thanks for the help!” “Trish got me the answer I needed very quickly, and it was exactly correct. Couldn’t be more pleased with the response. Nice job, Trish!” “So far all of my questions to the Seapine support team have been answered quickly and thoroughly. Where information was not immediately available, they have let me know and made the effort to follow up within a business day. Kudos to them for setting a great first impression of the company!”

Pizza-worthy Technical Support

Recently, however, one customer took their appreciation of our support team to the next level. Out of the (navy) blue, the team received the following email: support email
“Seapine Peeps (Brandon, Trish, Shane), Donato’s will deliver pizza to you today about noon. Compliments of US Navy Fleet Headquarters. Thanks to your customer support team for all the help!!”
Sure enough, the pies arrived at noon: [caption id="attachment_18355" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Seapine’s Technical Support team (L to R: Jeni, Trish, Brandon, and Shane) get ready to enjoy their pizza. Seapine’s Technical Support team (L to R: Jeni, Trish, Brandon, and Shane) get ready to enjoy their pizza.[/caption] The team was grateful and genuinely surprised by the gesture. “I’ve been here 11 years,” said Jeni, the team’s manager. “This is a first.”

Always Ready to Help

Whether you have a small problem or a critical issue, our knowledgeable support specialists provide world-class technical support to ensure your success and satisfaction with our products. Our specialists have years of experience with our products to draw on, so they can usually resolve your issue quickly. That said, they also have a hotline to Seapine’s developers if your issue is a real stumper. Bottom line, our technical support team is always ready to help—and you don’t even need to buy them pizza. (But we won’t stop you if you want to.)