May 19, 2015

See Helix Threat Detection in Action

May 20 Webinar Shows How to Stop Data Theft

There’s been a lot of interest in our new Helix Threat Detection capability, which runs behavioral analytics against our granular log data to uncover and prioritize “anomalous user behavior.” In a nutshell, that means you can see if someone’s doing something they’re not supposed to with regard to your intellectual property. Like, say… stealing it. 

Helix Threat Detection cuts through the security alert noise and false positives created by other offerings.  It pinpoints the most suspect user accounts and the projects most at risk, then shows you exactly what suspicious behavior has taken place. That way you can do something about any issues before much damage has been done.

This last line of defense can really save the day.

And that’s exactly why we’re dedicating a 30-minute webinar to showing Helix Threat Detection in action. The webinar is called How to Stop Data Theft Before It Happens. Charlie McLouth, our Director of Solutions Engineering, and Chris Hoover, our GVP of Products and Marketing, will step you through how Helix Threat Detection works. They’ll give a 10-minute demonstration of the product and real-world use cases of how our customers have benefitted from using it.

See Helix Threat Detection for yourself. Sign-up today for the live webinar or an on-demand version.