March 6, 2015

Six Reasons Metrolab Migrated from CVS to Perforce

As a Perforce sales partner, EVOCEAN GmbH has many European customers reaping the benefits of Perforce technology. One such customer is Metrolab, a Swiss manufacturer of precision magnetometers used to map and measure high-intensity magnetic fields with precision.

With a small team of embedded systems developers, Metrolab came to EVOCEAN seeking a version control system that could grow with the company while protecting the prized intellectual property of its product. Perforce met all of Metrolab’s key requirements, such as user friendliness and the availability of a CVS-to-Perforce migration tool.

Here are the six top reasons Metrolab chose Perforce:

  1. Migration tool p4convert-cvs was available to help Metrolab migrate away from CVS, which no longer met the company’s needs
  2. Perforce offered a seamless integration with Eclipse and LabVIEW system design software
  3. Perforce support was excellent—and unlimited—throughout the evaluation phase of the product and after
  4. Having a centralized version control system was essential for Metrolab
  5. The development team was productive within two days after just a few hours of training and good documentation
  6. “Branching with Brains,” a.k.a. Streams, solved many of the cumbersome branching issues Metrolab had with CVS

Metrolab is pleased with the stability and robustness of Perforce’s version management solution. And here at EVOCEAN, we’re thrilled to be part of the growing network of Perforce sales partners and look forward to helping many more innovative businesses implement a flexible and scalable version control system. 

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Metrolab’s precision instruments must fulfill demanding technology requirements

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