July 7, 2011

Spacevidcast.com captures stunning views of final shuttle launch


Friday marks the final launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis and the end of a 30-year trajectory for America’s Space Transportation System. As always, spacevidcast.com, sponsored by Perforce, will be there to document the historic event with high-definition video and absorbing interviews.

space shuttle atlantis
Space Shuttle Atlantis

“This is actually a very exciting time for space travel. It is certainly bittersweet with the shuttle ending, but by closing that door we're opening several new ones. Innovative companies like SpaceX have come on the scene and are building next generation rockets and cargo/crew capsules that can not only take us to Low Earth Orbit (such as the International Space Station) but can also possibly bring us to the Moon or even Mars in the future. This is something that the shuttle can't do,” said Benjamin Higginbotham, founder ofspacevidcast.com.

If you squint, you’ll see parallels with Perforce’s vision for “Version Everything,” which aims to help not only software developers but all knowledge workers manage proliferating digital assets. Perforce customers such as Lockheed Martin are using configuration management to power their product development, which in turn promises to take aerospace to new generations of travelers.

“Since we're opening up space to the competitive marketplace, costs have been going down and down while innovative ways to be more reliable have increased over the past few years,” Higginbotham explained. “There will be a small gap between when the shuttle ends flying and when private companies can send humans to space, but that gap will be far smaller than the one we saw between Apollo and the Shuttle. This is some super exciting stuff, and I'm glad I have the opportunity to bring it to you in HD!”

Perforce will be watching! Will you?