March 14, 2012

Star in the Making: Perforce Pays a Visit to National Ignition Facility

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perforce visits national ignition facility

Recently a group of us were lucky enough to get a tour of the National Ignition Facility, NIF, at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, home to the world’s largest and most energetic laser. The goal of the NIF project is to achieve nuclear fusion and energy gain in the laboratory —in essence, creating a miniature star on Earth. One of the reasons for our visit was to deliver our new product roadmap.

Half the folks in the room were the Physics PhDs who write the algorithms for the extremely sophisticated computer simulations that help guide the design of NIF’s fusion targets. Suffice it to say that the Q&A was definitely lively.

As for me, I joined the tour following an invitation from Ines Heinz, liaison for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and attendee to the first-ever Perforce user conference back in 1998. My fellow Perforcians no doubt regretted me tagging along because, being a Brit, I took about three times longer to get through security. The lab uses Perforce to store the code that runs its super computers. Next year they plan to install a 20-petaflop machine. It is extremely exciting and gratifying to see Perforce being used in such a groundbreaking way.

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