February 22, 2013

The Swiss Army Knife of Testing

Helix ALM
Test Management
I spend a lot of time working with customers and prospective customers on automated testing requirements. Often, people are looking for a quick way to automate everything they have, but this is rarely a good idea. To automate 100% of your testing is not realistic, but automating time-consuming tasks makes loads of sense. When testing web applications using QA Wizard Pro, you sometimes run into applications that use a large amount of Ajax/JavaScript script to enforce certain rules on fields, etc. This is normal and really does make things easier for the end user. However, these situations add to the complexity of automated testing. One of the best tools QA Wizard Pro has to assist testers is the "InvokeJavaScript" command. To me, this command IS the Swiss Army Knife for testing web applications that use JavaScript. Let's say a web application has a date field that is automatically formatted when the user enters information. The date field has some clever JavaScript behind it to make sure the user cannot enter text in the field, and that they use the correct date format. Using a set text or type text command in QA Wizard Pro will not work for the date field. In this case, you can use the "InvokeJavaScript" command, the example below sets the value of the date1 field. document.getElementById("date1").value = '01.01.2014' This example is very basic but should give you an idea of the power built into QA Wizard Pro.