June 2, 2017

Take Action with Helix Swarm 2017.1

Developer Collaboration
Screenshot Products Swarm Body1 Dashboard

With the release of our latest upgrade to Helix Swarm, our code collaboration tool, Perforce Software is excited to offer our new, feature-rich solution to the masses. And with that, we’re highlighting some of those very features to showcase how Swarm can boost review efficiency and save your users time in their work environments.


Introducing the Action Item Dashboard

The Action Item Dashboard is a pre-filtered, customized list of pertinent reviews that is automated and curated for your authenticated users. Presented as a UI dashboard at login, the Action Item Dashboard helps manage large quantities of reviews.


Let Swarm Do the Work

In large enterprise organizations, where users work in environments with hundreds, even thousands, of concurrent review tickets, it’s imperative to close issues efficiently. Helix Swarm prepopulates a filtered list automatically at login. That means authenticated users know exactly where to start their workday.

So instead of wasting valuable time creating complicated filters from scratch, or searching aimlessly through a forest of reviews, Helix Swarm produces a personalized list of “Reviews to act on.”


Don't Block Your Team

The Action Item Dashboard ensures that users are never the cause of workflow delays. Prioritizing reviews to the top of your user dashboard, Swarm identifies all your current reviews where you are a block or obstruction.

Swarm makes it easier to keep workflow pipelines clear and manage your most pressing reviews.


Save Time & Effort

The Action Item Dashboard eliminates the unnecessary effort and time that is committed to parsing through huge libraries of open reviews.

Save your users the hassle of sorting, ordering, and searching through potentially hundreds of thousands of open reviews, getting them speedy access to the reviews they need to act on.


Supports ALL Roles

Swarm supports the project contributions of ALL users. Manage reviews that need your vote, reviews that you authored that need changes, or reviews on branches where you’re a moderator to approve or reject.

The Action Item Dashboard is a perfect productivity feature for reviewers, approvers, developers, and admins alike; if you’re participating on a review, you can handle it through Swarm.


And There's More...

Our newest release has so much to offer your product teams. Check out all the new features we’ve added at our Helix Swarm What’s New page.

Want to see Swarm in action? Sign up for a live demo with one of our technical experts who will guide you through a crash course in Helix Swarm.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us. We’re happy to assist.


Kuntal Das

Principal Product Manager