May 24, 2012

Ten Tips for Importing Word Requirement Documents into TestTrack RM – Tips 6-10

Helix ALM
Last week, I shared the first five of ten tips to help you import existing requirements into TestTrack RM. Here are tips 6-10.

6. Create an Import Template

Once satisfied with the import preview, create an import template to save the import settings. The next time you import a document, you can save time by loading the import template and using the saved settings.

7. Test the Import

After you have finalized the import settings, import the Word document into the test project. Any errors will be displayed to help you troubleshoot. If the import is successful the document and the requirements are added to TestTrack. Open the requirements document in the Specification Document Window and check the document closely to make sure that you are satisfied with the import. If you need to make changes, you can reimport as many times are you need to get the desired results.

8. Import the Document into the TestTrack Project

Import the document into the TestTrack project in the production environment. Load the import template to use the same settings from the test project.

9. Create a Requirement Document Snapshot

A snapshot is useful to compare a requirement document to other versions of the document to view the differences. To create a snapshot, select the document and choose Activities>Create Snapshot.

10. Update the Imported Requirement Fields and Status

Prior to other users working with requirements be sure to set requirements fields and move requirements to the correct status. Set requirements tools by choosing Tools>Configure List Values and select the field type. To save time you can change multiple requirements at once by choosing Activities>Bulk Requirement Changes. You may also need to enter requirement activities (from the Activities menu) to make sure requirements are in the correct workflow state. You are now on your way to better requirements management with TestTrack. For a complete list of tips and more details, download our Ten Tips for Importing Microsoft Word Requirement Documents article. If you've already imported Word docs into TestTrack RM, and have any additional tips, be sure to share them!