April 7, 2014

Today's Driverless Cars: How Do They Measure Up?

Seapine Driverless Car InfographicPicking up on the Seapine-sponsored driverless car study, Fast Company magazine has published "Our Driverless Car Report Card," an article which grades the current crop of driverless technologies under development. Who were the winners? Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo got the highest grades, scoring all As for their "bleeding edge" driving technologies:
Like Volvo and Audi, Mercedes-Benz is leaving no pavement uncovered when it comes to offering its clients the most advanced safety and performance technologies. Its systems are well executed and operate flawlessly.
The lowest grades given were Cs (to Honda and Acura), but a footnote to the article basically states that any company not listed got an F—and singles out the Chrysler Group. Ouch. While a fully driverless vehicle is still a long way off, some pretty impressive strides are already being made. If you're interested in how driverless technology is shaping up, you can read the details on Fast Company's web site.