January 4, 2016

2016 Predictions for Version Control and Collaboration

Version Control

Happy New Year! Sharing predictions for the coming year has become a tradition at Perforce. In the past, we’ve waxed philosophic about world events and general market trends. This year, however, we focus squarely on our version control and collaboration space.  
That said, here’s what we predict for 2016.
The Rise of Hybrid Version Control Environments
Traditionally, collaboration platforms are described as either centralized or distributed. This separation will be increasingly obsolete as organizations adopt a hybrid approach that enables development teams to use distributed version control (DVCS) like Git integrated with a centralized version control that accommodates large files and trunk-based development. The key here is that all digital assets and code are eventually managed in a system-of-record repository. 
Foundational to this approach will be…
Operations (re)embrace of the “Mono Repo”
Since the introduction of Git nearly 11 years ago, many startups and open source teams have standardized on lightweight local branching. However, the massively scalable trunk-oriented “mono repo” will reemerge in the public consciousness for the important role it plays in facilitating modern product delivery trends such as Continuous Delivery and DevOps.
And on that subject…
DevOps Takes the Wheel
Development teams’ focus on speed and innovation creates burdens for the Ops teams responsible for deployment to production environments, uptime, and stability. Hybrid environments will serve both needs and DevOps will champion adoption of these tools across the development and delivery pipeline. 
Who will be joined by…
Security Teams Enter Earlier into DevOps Discussions
With IP theft continuing and new vulnerabilities surfacing throughout the year, organizations will have no choice but to include Security teams in discussions formerly limited to Dev and Ops teams. Then we’ll just need to agree on the new name for this practice, be it SecDevOps, DevSecOps, Rugged Ops or something entirely new. 
So there you have it… the world of version control as we see it for 2016.
Software has become an important part of every industry and it’s exciting that Perforce is helping companies as disparate as industrial robotics manufacturers and pharmaceutical development adapt to the changing landscape. We look forward to the coming year and the new ways we will help our customers excel.