September 18, 2015

5 Ways Secure DevOps Is Easier Than It Looks


New Forrester Report on Cybersecurity with DevOps

DevOps is attracting the attention of development and release teams looking to increase the speed of application delivery. However, it is also making many organizations uneasy about implications for product quality and security. A new report from Forrester explains that when executed properly DevOps can actually improve cybersecurity, not compromise it, and shares five ways you can get started integrating security with DevOps.

Read the Forrester report: Improve Cybersecurity with DevOps

The brief points out that…

“Just as DevOps enables organizations to improve quality by acquiring and acting on feedback earlier, DevOps improves cybersecurity by catching security flaws earlier in the delivery cycle and enabling organizations to respond faster to compromises.”

Written by Forrester principal analysts Kurt Bittner and Rick Holland, this report provides practical advice on how companies can strengthen security through robust DevOps practices. It introduces topics including:

  • Bridging the three­way cultural gap between Dev, Ops and Security
  • Finding opportunities for security automation
  • Integrating security monitoring with application and operations monitoring
  • Providing faster response to security breaches

The report also points out the prevalence of insider attacks and explains how long it takes most organizations to detect such breaches.

Start securing your DevOps. Read the full Forrester report: Improve Cybersecurity with DevOps