February 20, 2018

Not All Version Control Solutions are Alike

Version Control

I read this really insightful article by Marc Hornbeek from Trace3, an IT consulting firm, about the benefits of large-scale version control platforms. Hornbeek provides several key reasons why a comprehensive and scalable version control system is the catalyst to DevOps success: simplified builds, improved speed and performance for distributed teams, and faster developer workflows for cloning and copying code, among other things.

In his assessment, Hornbeek indicates that Helix Core is setting the industry standard for enterprise-class version control systems. As a DevOps consultant, Hornbeek has immense experience working with large clients who require inclusive and scalable version control software. Hornbeek states that the ability for Helix Core to scale to the enterprise is a fundamental reason why Trace3 routinely implements Helix Core for their clients. 

“Trace3 has large enterprise clients in the IT industry that need sophisticated, end-to-end, very large-scale software version control that only Perforce Software solutions can offer,” said Hornbeek, Principle Consultant – DevOps at Trace3.

Learn the fundamental best practices of good version management by downloading this free white paper: Best Practices for Version Management.

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