April 2, 2015

Now Available: Helix Versioning Engine with DVCS Capabilities

Version Control

We’re happy to announce the general availability of our new Helix Versioning Engine, with built-in distributed version control (DVCS) capabilities.

Built on P4D, the Helix Versioning Engine combines the developer advantages of a DVCS workflow with the security, scalability and performance required by the larger enterprise.

With our new DVCS capabilities, Perforce Helix users can employ simple Git-style workflow without sacrificing the power and flexibility a centralized version control system, allowing users to…

  • Work disconnected and boost productivity with local repositories
  • Enjoy a DVCS workflow without limits on file or repository sizes
  • Push and fetch to move content between independent Helix sites
  • Maintain enterprise-grade security while preserving rich history and audit trails

Try our new Helix Versioning Engine. Download an easy-to-install, evaluation-use OVA.

We hope you enjoy these new features and we look forward to hearing your feedback!