Getting started with IoT development
August 4, 2014

The Thing with the Internet of Things


The Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere. And it sometimes feels as though we're living in science fiction.

Wearable devices send medical information to your doctor in real-time. Alarm clocks connect to self-starting coffee machines. Pressing “play” to watch a movie and your home draws the curtains and turns off the lights automatically. Soon, vehicles will be able to connect to everything.

It's an exciting time as a consumer. But as a developer, you can't help but wonder how IoT development will impact the industry. 

IoT Development Challenges

IoT connects devices to each other — and the internet. This type of development hinges on embedded systems. 

That presents challenges, especially for development teams not used to leaving endpoints open. 

Challenges in IoT Design

IoT development calls for regulation-compliant applications with intuitive interfaces that also take into consideration the myriad of endpoints. That means fundamental changes in device designs. Developers need to work closely with product teams located around the globe.

Designing devices for IoT presents challenges, but they're not insurmountable. 

Challenges in IoT Testing

Software testing will need to accurately reflect real-world scenarios, which are almost endless in their variation.

Testing everything seems impossible. But it can be done by utilizing test automation and enabling continuous testing. 

Challenges in IoT Connections

A common way to support IoT connections is through APIs. Because of the size of the ecosystem these devices exist in, it’s critical that software is developed with API evolution in mind.

But leaving connections open can make development teams nervous — especially in an era of looming cybersecurity threats. 

Conquer Challenges in IoT Development

It’s also worth noting that IoT development challenges don’t end at launch. Maintaining the functionality of these devices is the only way companies will successfully embrace the trend and keep their customers happy.

This can seem like a challenge, but with the right, it can be done. 

Getting Started With IoT Development

There are challenges in IoT development, sure. But there's also plenty of opportunity.

That's because IoT — and connected devices — supports continuous integration (a cornerstone of DevOps). Embracing DevOps can help you release quality products faster.

Done right, IoT will be an exciting time for both the companies pioneering the technology and the developers making it possible.

Get started.