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January 23, 2024

Perforce Joins Trusted Partner Network

Digital Asset Management

The Trusted Partner Network (TPN) created an evaluation process to standardize fundamental security protocols, across the industry, to help studios protect what matters the most.

With the rise of virtual production, creative pipelines are becoming increasingly complex, and dispersed. Team members around the globe need to collaborate remotely. This can create security vulnerabilities, which can range from misconfigured SSL settings to expiring certificates.

Perforce is a member of the Trusted Partner Network, giving industry-leading studios confidence that their assets are always safe. Learn more about TPN software and how Perforce can secure your pipeline.

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What Is the Trusted Partner Network?

The Trusted Partner Network (TPN) is a global initiative that assesses software companies and their products to help prevent leaks, breaches, and hacks.

TPN was created by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA). Their goal was to create security standards across the film and television industry and develop an ecosystem of trusted partners. By providing resources, requirements, and best practices, the TPN initiative could safeguard digital assets from outside breaches.

Why Studios Choose TPN Software

By selecting Trusted Partner Network software, studios are reassured that their vendors can protect their valuable content. TPN also streamlines the approval process for vendors. Instead of needing to go through individual assessments, TPN software can be seamlessly added into a studio’s existing tool stack. For larger studios, TPN assessments usually supersedes these individual studio reviews. That way teams can focus on creating amazing content.

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How Perforce Meets Trusted Partner Network Standards

Perforce Helix Core — the game development standard for version control — is known for its built-in, iron-clad security. Becoming a member of the Trusted Partner Network gives studios peace of mind. 

Learn more about the security features available for your studio in Helix Core.

Access Controls

Version control manages and stores digital assets and their iterations. Whether Helix Core is deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or both, it can be configured to grant internal users access, while eliminating threats. Helix Authentication Service (HAS) is the mechanism that enables studios to integrate with their preferred Identity Provider (IdP) and even implement multi-factor authentication.

Protect Down to the File Level

Helix Core gives you the ability to control what people work on down to the file level by user, IP address, and/or CIDR range. Teams can set up the P4 Protections Table to control access as granular as needed. It is especially helpful when using outsourced teams to provide assets for final production.

Security at Scale

Making a film today requires uniting collaborators working around the globe. Helix Core is the only system that scales to match your needs. You can deploy servers where you need them (without an additional cost) giving remote contributors high performance, while still securing your entire pipeline.

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Trust Perforce for Virtual Production

At Perforce, it is our mission to help studios build bigger, without worrying about tools or security. Teams can collaborate inside the tool and render in real-time. Plus, eliminate the risk of breaches. 

Get Helix Core Free for Small Teams

Helix Core is highly scalable and secure version control. Leading studios trust it to securely store, iterate on, and manage collaboration on their digital assets. Plus, it is free for up to five users. 


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