October 15, 2014

Video Tutorial Library Now Includes Perforce eLearning Content


The Perforce Tutorial Video Library has been completely redesigned and now includes all of the video content previously available only in the Perforce eLearning courses. This will be the central location for all “how-to” video content and a valuable resource for anyone who needs to get up-to-speed quickly.

Some key new features:

  • Large video player so you don’t need to go full screen
  • Fully searchable text transcripts of every video (including the non-English movies)
  • Tutorials organized into virtual courses or viewable on their own

In related news, the library has a couple of brand-new videos on installing the Git Fusion OVA and setting up Proxy Servers. More new titles and updates are on the way. Subscribe to our twitter channel for announcements.

You’ll find our Video Tutorial Library here.  Now grab yourself some popcorn and enjoy the versioning show!