July 6, 2016

VOO Telecom Finds Powerful Multi-Department Flexibility Using TestTrack

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Test Management
Test Management

Seapine’s test management solution handily meets the needs of both IT and technical departments

aTqoGxBXc Every company, no matter how small, has islands within it. The boundaries that define those islands can be geographical, departmental, or personal, to name a few. But one constant is that those islands are often inhabited by groups of people who share a common goal and have specific ideas about how to reach it. For instance, while technical departments within a single company often use the same general purpose software for documents and spreadsheets, they have different needs and preferences, methodologies and workflows, and their own more specialized software tools. Sometimes, however, the spark of an innovative idea and the desire to collaborate encourages departments to set aside barriers. VOO Telecom is a great example of how an experiment in interdepartmental collaboration led to the adoption of a test management tool that improved the repeatability and processes for both groups. VOO Telecom is an internet, telephony, and television service provider owned by Nethys, a Belgium-based company that owns a variety of providers in the energy, telecommunications, and industrial development sectors. A few years ago, Geoffrey Zanelli came aboard as VOO’s new testing manager in the technical department. At that time, the technical department was using Microsoft Word and Excel for test cases and test case management, while VOO’s IT department was a long-time user of Microsoft SharePoint to run their tests. Due to company growth, the technical and IT departments were starting to feel hindered by the limitations of managing their testing with those tools. Zanelli was aware that a defect tracking tool—Seapine’s TestTrack—was currently being used by a different group within VOO’s technical department. TestTrack had been brought in originally by a director who liked it because it had similar functionality—yet was more affordable—than other solutions, like HP Quality Center. TestTrack’s potential as a robust and structured test management system seemed too great to be using it in such a limited fashion, so Zanelli decided to explore the possibilities…but not just within his own department. He saw wider-reaching benefits. Read the customer story to learn more.