October 18, 2012

We're From Perforce and We're Here To Help

Git at Scale

nellie perforce here to help
Nellie LeMonier, Senior UX Designer, one of the many people
at Perforce helping to make your Git world a better place.

That’s a riff on a quote by ex-U.S. president Ronald Reagan about the “nine most terrifying words in the English language: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” It applies just as much today to the reaction we sometimes see from experienced Git developers when introduced to Perforce’s Git Fusion capabilities. 

A corporate, albeit hoodie wearing, commercial SCM product company stepping in and talking about how you need our product to work with Git? Skepticism and even hostility as a reaction is little surprise. What could we, the virtual “big brother” of version control tools, possibly know about the Git and the capabilities of the distributed model?
Truth is, you probably know an awful lot about using Git in your environment, and chances are if you are reacting to our presence negatively, Git might be working very well for you and Git Fusion isn’t something you need.  
It's the extreme size of large enterprise software development efforts that bends the continuum of git and the distributed model. At the scale that many developers are used to seeing, Git works just fine, just as Newtonian physics adequately describes the world we personally observe. But as we approach the speed of light, or look at objects of huge mass, or look at enterprise development scale with millions and terabytes of files, things start to look weirder as relativistic effects become apparent. 
So clearly, if Git works well for you, there's no need for anything else. What we're responding to are the pained cries of git enterprise architects, working to reduce clone times, getting ‘git add’ to take less than 5 minutes, or even generally deliver sub 10 second command response times. These companies can hire the best, and they have. It's just that Perforce has specialized in this solution for years, so we are bringing our knowledge to bear to help developers get the "Git experience" even in radical, vertically scaled enterprise development environments.
So we are Perforce, and we are here to help.